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 Golf Genius Scoring

Tee Times

Ladies please be sure to enter scores correctly when using golf genius.
Please DO NOT put an “X” for a hole that is not played, leave it blank.
If you start the hole and pick up, use the “X” to mark what you think you would have gotten, e.g. X8
Entering scores in Golf Genius incorrectly can affect your handicap.
The Sweeps Team will no longer send a reply to your email request for a tee time during the Sunday open registration period.  You simply have to check the tee sheet on the website later Sunday afternoon. 
For all other requests you will get a reply.

Weekly Payouts for 2023

Our weekly intra-club tournaments

Cancellations after 5:00 PM on Friday and members not playing on Tuesday when scheduled will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. (Only exception is a Medical Emergency).

Sweeps will be played Tuesdays (18 holes) on non-tournament days.  All members playing on Tuesdays will participate in Sweeps.  A minimum of 16 players must complete the round to validate the game.


Members must play with at least one other member to qualify to win any prize money.


Signup for Sweeps.  Sunday beginning at 7:00 a.m., 16 days before the Tuesday play day, email the Sweeps Chair at

1.    For play before 8:00 a.m., the member may sign up themselves and one other member.

2.    For play 8:00 a.m. or after, the member may sign up themselves and up to a foursome.


Sweeps information will be emailed to members prior to Tuesday play day. Scoring, posting and ringer will be done through Golf Genius.

Tee Sheet/Cancellations:

  • All tee times will be done through the sweeps email at: until Saturday at 5:00PM , allowing the Sweeps Chairs to fill cancellations made on Friday by 5:00PM and to prevent outside play. (Do not call the Pro Shop unless you have a late cancellation Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.)

  • Cancellation deadline: is still Friday by 5:00PM, before the Tuesday play day.

  • After 5:00PM on Saturday the remaining tee times will be released to the Pro Shop for the public.         

  • Late cancellations/Not Playing on Tuesday when scheduled: Cancellations made on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday must be made by calling the Pro Shop at (619) 522-6590, and will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. This cancellation fee is per person and includes any guests that you have signed up.  Only exception is a Medical Emergency or Injury.     Please email Betsy Andersen (

  • In addition, if your fine has not been settled by the next sweeps date, you will lose your sign-up privileges and your name will be removed from the tee sheet.    


Payments can be made via:

Venmo to Coronado Women’s Golf Club (@CoronadoWomens-GolfClub)

Zelle through your bank to

Mail a check to 

Coronado Women’s Golf Club


PO Box 180388

Coronado, CA 92178.


Money collected from the Cancellation Fee is added to the Sweeps payout pot.


Invited Guests — Invited guests can be signed up on Wednesday, one week in advance. You can invite up to three guests.  To qualify for sweeps you must have two members in the foursome. If the member cancels the guest must cancel. See cancellation/no-show policy for guests.

Guests are limited to LADIES as it is ladies’ day.


Slow Play — Please keep up with the group in front of you. Don’t be “That’’ group warned by the Marshal.

Slow play could result in loss of hole and DQ from sweeps.

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