CWGC 2020 Golf Teams

Hi Girls - We have two teams. Each team has their own google spreadsheet with your roster and schedule. Please look at your team's roster and be sure your email and cellphone is correct. If you can't edit the file, you are probably not registered with google sheets. You can always email your info to your captain.



Section IV:  Rules


  1. A side may be represented by one partner for all or any part of a match; all partners need not be present. An absent partner may join a match between holes, but not during play of a hole. (Rule 23.4) A nonappearance by any team at a scheduled match shall be cause for forfeiture of all points accrued to date. That team will be barred from further team play in the current season. All points won or lost by that team will be withdrawn from all previous opponents. PLEASE NOTE: If a team should default by nonappearance at the final match of the regular season or any playoff match, all members will be ineligible for team play the following year. This rule holds true even when the last match is a make-up/rain date.

  2. Each team side must be on the tee at the scheduled time.    PENALTY:

    • Loss of 1st hole if both players on a side are within 5 minutes late of the start time.

    • 1st hole will be halved if both sides are late.

    • Loss of match if both players on a side are more than 5 minutes late. It will not be necessary to play the match, but it may be played if both sides wish to do so.


  1. If a putt is conceded, it must be accepted and one more stroke added to the score. Conceded putts are to be picked up & may not be replaced & putted. Although there is no penalty for holing out in such circumstances, if the putt would be of assistance to a partner, the partner is, in equity, disqualified for the hole. (Rule 23.6)


  1. In match play, if a doubt or dispute arises between the players and no duly authorized representative of the Committee is available within a reasonable time, the player shall continue the match without delay. Any claim, if it is to be considered by the Committee, must be made before any player in the match plays from the next teeing ground or, in the case of the last hole of the match, before all players in the match leave the putting green. (Rule 20.1b).No later claim shall be considered unless it is based on facts previously unknown to the player making the claim and the player making the claim had been given wrong information (Rule 3.2d) by an opponent. In any case, no later claim shall be considered after the result of the match has been officially announced, unless the Committee is satisfied that the opponent knew she was giving wrong information.



  1. All golf balls used during team play must be on the current USGA list of conforming golf balls. X- OUTS are prohibited. (Rule 4.2a) PENALTY: Loss of hole for the player using non-conforming ball.


  1. If the “cart path only rule” is in effect, all team members must conform. If use of a Blue Flag is approved by SDCWGA and the course management agrees that that person and her partner may drive on the course, the “Host” Team Captain shall ask for the same privilege for their two opponents. A copy of the DMV Handicap Certificate must be on file with SDCWGA. During Playoffs all team members must ride in carts and must abide by course regulation regarding their use*.  *Failure of a player to abide by the cart rule will result in disqualification of that player.


  1. Neither galleries nor spectators are permitted on the course while matches are being played. (This includes Team Captains not playing and players that have completed their matches.)


  1. No caddies are allowed during team play matches or during team play play-offs. PENALTY: Loss of hole at each hole where a caddie was used, applies to that side.


  1. Distance measuring devices (Rule 4.3a) are allowed; however, the use of devices that gauge or measure other conditions (e.g., wind, elevation change, line of play or club selection based on player’s ball location) is not permitted. In the spirit of the game, the measurement on the distance measuring device should be shared with the opponent, if solicited.


10. Pace of Play (Rule 5.6a & 5.6b) In match play the opponents may agree that one of you will play out of turn to save time. All players should prepare in advance for their next stroke and that stroke must take place no more than 40 seconds after you reach your ball and it is safe to play. Penalty for first breach: One stroke penalty to the offending player on offending side. Penalty for second Breach: Loss of hole for the offending side. Penalty for 3rd breach is disqualification for the offending side. If a course marshal tells the players to pick up their balls and move on, the players MUST do so. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. The hostess Captain is responsible for making sure the Pace of Play Policy is enforced.


  1. In order to maintain pace of play, players are not to play any practice stroke on or near the last green played.  PENALTY: Loss of next hole.


  1. A player should pick up her ball when her score is not in contention.


13.Any group delayed by trouble during play should allow the following group to play through.


  1. The Hostess Captain is responsible for providing a rules committee. The committee may be two Team Captains or one experienced player from each team. They shall decide rules questions, procedures, doubts as to procedures, or any disputes that may arise during the play of the match. If the 2 people cannot agree the final decision will be determined by the Rules Director of SDCWGA. The Hostess Captain or designee should have a copy of the SDCWGA Team Rules and a USGA Rules of Golf Book available. A USGA Official Guide to the Rules of Golf effective January 2019 would be helpful. NOTE: IF PREFERRED LIES ARE USED, THE LOCAL RULE WILL BE AS STATED ON THE SDCWGA WEBSITE.



  1. Ball Lost or Out of Bounds (Rule 18): Any OB or lost ball in an SDCWGA Event will be loss of stroke and distance.  SDCWGA does NOT allow the use of the optional OB or Lost Ball local rule a club has put into effect.


Section V: Team Captain Duties





  1. Before date determined by Team Play Director, each team captain shall provide her roster to the Team Play Director and the maintenance schedule for their home course. The roster shall list her team members, their GHIN numbers and indices (in ascending order). Any subsequent addition to the team roster must be communicated directly to the Team Play Director a minimum of 7 days prior to the event.  Failure to meet requirements will void that player’s eligibility.


  1. The Hostess Team Captain shall secure her course for team play within the time frame designated by the SDCWGA Team Play Director. She shall obtain quotations as to green fees and cart fees from the golf course pro or manager and she shall coordinate with the Guest Team Captain regarding the date, tee time and fees.


  1. The team captain is responsible for ensuring that all players meet the eligibility criteria described in Section IIB.


4.The team captain is responsible for her team’s understanding and abiding by the USGA Rules of Golf governing this type of play, and in addition, the etiquette and good sportsmanship characteristic of the great game of golf.




  1. If a player consistently shows a disregard for the Rules or lack of knowledge she will become ineligible for Team Play for the remainder of the season.





  1. Opposing team captains must communicate their player line-ups and current handicap indices to each other at least 72 hours prior to the match. Failure to do so could result in team disqualification, or Team Captain Suspension.


  1. The Hostess Team Captain must give each Team Captain the rating, slope and hole handicaps of the course on which they will be playing at least 72 hours prior to the match. Failure to do so could result in team disqualification, or Team Captain suspension


  1. Each Home Team Captain shall prepare scorecards for both teams for each match. Each scorecard must include the names of players from both teams (4 players-2 sides). For NET division she must indicate strokes where they fall and each player’s handicap. (Players’ handicaps are determined by the slope of the course being played and the index of the player.) There should be enough space remaining on the card to neatly record wins.


  1. The Hostess Team Captain is responsible for preparing a Local Rules Sheet for the course being played. NOTE: Local rules that give an option other than stroke and distance for Lost Ball or Out of Bounds is not allowed in SDCWGA Events.




  1. The Guest Team Captain(s) will check in with the Hostess Team Captain at least ½ hour prior to play.


  1. The Hostess Team Captain will explain the procedure for the day. The Hostess Team Captain or designee should be available ½ hour before the first tee time to assist with check-in and answer any questions. The Hostess Team Captain will supply the pro shop and/or starter with a list of all players. The Hostess Team Captain should give a policy of the Pace of Play to the Course Marshall or other individual who can enforce the Pace of Play.


  1. Each Team Captain shall present the official SDCWGA Results Sheet listing players (4 sides) for the match, together with their indices and handicaps to the other Team Captain to establish the correct listing of all players.


  1. The Hostess Team Captain shall review the Local Rules sheet with each Team Captain and present enough copies of the Local Rules Sheet to each Team Captain for distribution to their teams.


  1. After checking with the Hostess Team Captain, the team captains will check scorecards, handicaps, and strokes where they fall.


  1. Payment of green and cart fees shall be made to the pro shop prior to the start of the match.


  1. At the conclusion of play, result sheets shall be completed by team captains, signed, and returned to the Hostess Team Captain. The results sheet shall be phoned, or e-mailed to the SDCWGA Team Director on the day of the match and results entered into the Team Play Module via SDCWGA website. Any results that are phoned in must then must be mailed in to the Team Play Director. If results are sent in via email, the Team Captain must retain a hard copy of the results until the end of the season. If there is a question or protest, the team captains should not sign the result sheet. A letter or e-mail explaining the protest shall be sent to the Team Director as soon as possible following the match in question.


  1. All players must post their games on the day they played team in order to keep their handicap current. Failure to do so could result in the player’s disqualification due to incorrect handicap index.




9.The team captains shall retain all scorecards until the end of the season, including playoffs.


  1. It is recommended that each team captain carry a current a USGA Rules of Golf Book in her golf bag.




  1. The Hostess Team Captain shall notify the pro-shop at least one week before play of the number of power carts needed.


  1. She should request that any "ground under repair" area be marked, and tee markers be set at the proper monument on all teeing grounds.


  1. She shall prepare a local rules sheet for distribution to all players.  Make sure local rules apply to Match Play, e.g. cannot "play another ball in case of dispute". The SDCWGA Rules Director is available to assist in the preparation of these rules, and may be consulted to be sure the rules conform to SDCWGA policies.


  1. The Hostess Team Captain or designee shall be available ½ hour before the first tee time to assist with check-in and answer any questions. She will sign the results sheet to attest that players’ indices and handicaps are correct on the results sheets. At the conclusion of each match, she should collect the properly completed results sheets which have been signed by opposing captains. No alteration of results sheets is permitted once they are signed by the respective captains.


  1. The results of the match shall be faxed or emailed to the Team Director immediately following the match.




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