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Member Application Requirements

Any woman 18 years of age or over may be considered for Active Membership

and must submit an application and non-refundable application fee of $25.

1. Active memberships may be limited at the discretion of the Executive Board.

2. Applicants will be placed on the CWGC waiting list (based on the current  membership cap).

3. Applicants must be recommended for membership by the Membership Chair, accepted by a                      minimum 2/3 vote of the Executive Board and must have a valid current USGA or SCGA handicap            index of 35.6 or less.

4. Upon qualification and approval an applicant must pay an initiation fee ( determined by the                      Executive Board) plus applicable dues.

5. Must have previously played with a CWGC member or must play an Initiation round with a member 

   prior to membership approval.

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