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For those of you who have never played team, it is a friendly, best ball format. We need 4 2-person teams to play each match, and you and your partner use the best ball on each hole. We have players on our teams with index from 6 to 32. It is not just for the low handicappers. We typically play on Mondays (although not always) and will have about 2-3 matches per month. We play at Coronado half the time and then the other matches are at various courses around San Diego County. Ideally there are about 15 players on each team, but only 8 play in a match, so you would not expect to play every match. It is a great way to meet more golfers at our club and other clubs around San Diego. We are there to have fun, and if we win, how great, but win or loose we go into the clubhouse and have a drink and celebrate the day. This is team.

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Team 1 - SDCWGA Gross Champions
2020, 2021, 2022

To qualify for team, you must have 6 rounds in CWGC events in the last 6 months (Sept thru Feb). This includes Tournaments, Sunday FunDay, and Sweeps. It also includes any SDCWGA events. We can help you figure that out, and there is still time to get more rounds in this month or next month. Play should start the first of March.


We still need players to fill our 2024 rosters. Please let one of the captains know if you would like to join us.

Team 1 

Team 2

Team 3 

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