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Correct Way To Do   A Scorecard

Please help the Sweeps and Tournament  Committees by doing your scorecard correctly.  This applies to Tuesday Sweeps and Tournaments. Handing in incorrect or incomplete scorecards could result in disqualification.

When doing a paper scorecard please fill out the names on the scorecard as shown in the example on the left
(Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4).
Scorecards must have full names (legibly written), all holes filled in with a score and should be attested by another player.  Be sure to compare scorecard and Golf Genius scores before turning in your card.  If there is difference in the card and Golf Genius the higher score will be taken. 


Scoring with Golf Genius    

Ladies please be sure to enter scores correctly when using Golf Genius.
Please DO NOT put an "X" for a hole that is not played, leave it blank.
If you start the hole and pick up, use the "X" to mark what you think you would have gotten, e.g. "X8"
(Note: the "X" goes before the number in Golf Genius).

Please take a picture of the scorecard horizontally with your phone vertically  as shown on the left.  Be sure photo is sent as ACTUAL size.
Send verified scorecard to:  Deadline 4:00pm
Include: finish time, CTP's and Chip- Ins in the body of the email.

This will make the Tuesday Sweeps job easier and speed up scoring on Tournament days.
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