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Coronado Women’s Golf Club Sweeps Play Instructions

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We have decided to implement a NEW WAY TO DO SWEEPS—USING TECHNOLOGY. We will be using Golf Genius—the same software we use to run our tournaments. The instructions are simple.

•We recommend that at least one member of your foursome download and install the Golf Genius app (an orange icon with the world on a tee) from the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.

•Refer to the GOLF GENIUS LIVE SCORING document for how to login and use the Golf Genius app.


NOTE: If no one in your foursome is comfortable using the Golf Genius app, you simply have to keep an “Official Scorecard” for your group and then take a picture of or scan the ATTESTED scorecard and send to



  • Handicaps used for Tuesday’s play are as of Sunday morning.


Tuesday Pairings:

  • The pairings for Tuesday will be based on the tee sheet as of 5:00PM on Friday.

  • Any changes made over the weekend will not be reflected on the pairings sheet, but will be fixed after play on Tuesday. If changes are made over the weekend, contact Deb Linder so the changes can be made in Golf Genius.

  • The scorecard is the “Official Card”.

  • The pairings will be emailed to everyone on the tee sheet on Sunday afternoon. The pairings sheet will show the unique GGID assigned to your foursome that you will use to login to the Golf Genius app. You can login before you come to the golf course so you are ready.

  • The pairings sheet will tell you the game to be played and your playing handicap.


Sweeps Game

  • You will notice a difference in the way Golf Genius scores the sweeps games versus what you are used to.

  • For games like O.N.E.S., T’s & F’s, Par 4’s, Play the Middle, etc., Golf Genius will pop the holes used in the game, resulting in a game net score.

  • For games like Eenie Meenie, IF, and Three Blind Mice, where holes need to be compared to determine the best/worst—the best score is relative to par—so if you got a 3 on a par 3 and it is compared with a birdie 4 on a par 5, Golf Genius will keep the birdie 4 even though it is higher than the 3.

  • We will no longer be able to play any game that requires the player to make a substitution, e.g., Alibi, Poker, Odd or Even, Best Consecutive 9



  • For those of you in Ringer, we will be combining your January, February, part of March and June scores.

  • No need to fill out a separate scorecard as Golf Genius will handle it.


Closest to the Pin:

  • If you would like to participate, please bring your own measuring device (tape measure, etc.).

  • Proximity Markers will be on each Par 3 to mark the closest position.

  • If you are inside the Proximity Marker, measure and record the distance on your scorecard or a separate scorecard.



  • Please take a scorecard from the starter booth and use that to score for your foursome.

  • Leave a blank line between each person’s name. You can use the blank line to keep track of chip- ins and closest to the pin measurements.

  • If you decide to use the Golf Genius app to score, please have 1 person keep the score on their smartphone and another player keep the score on the scorecard. The scorecard will be considered the “official card” if is there is a discrepancy.

  • If a player does not finish a hole, put an X plus the most likely score or your max score, e.g., X8.

  • Upon completion of the round, do a hole-by-hole compare between the Golf Genius app and the scorecard. Sign and attest the scorecard then take a picture of or scan (“Actual Size”) your ATTESTED SCORECARD and email to

  • The SCORECARD must be received by 4:00PM each Tuesday.

  • If the scorecard is late/not received your CTP and Chip-ins will not count.

  • DO NOT POST!!! Golf Genius will post for you.

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